Vol. 122, No. 20 A Newspaper of General Circulation May 20, 2019
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Kansas growers may harvest more winter wheat
Participants in the annual winter wheat tour are forecasting that Kansas farmers will harvest 306.5 million bushels this season.  
The Wheat Quality Council gathered information from 469 fields across Kansas.  
The group calculated average yields of 47.2 bushels an acre.  
Kansas growers planted about 7 million acres of wheat last fall.  
Tour scouts report that wheat planted before the October rains generally looks good now. Wheat planted when farmers could get back in fields after the rains is not faring as well. They say the wheat is behind schedule, with most areas a week to 10 days behind normal development.  
Kansas farmers harvested 277 million bushels last season with average yields of 38 bushels an acre. ľAP  
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